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Free Guide: Ten Tips to Find the Right Divorce Attorney for You
To do divorce right, you need the RIGHT divorce attorney.
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Inside this guide you'll learn about:

Avoid "Paint by Numbers Attorneys"

Some divorce lawyers take the same approach to every divorce regardless of the underlying facts--but your situation is as unique as you are. You need an attorney that will empower you to "paint your masterpiece."

Find an Attorney who Shares Your Values

It is important to find an attorney who will listen, understand your goals and your values, and work with you to create and put into action a plan to make those hopes and dreams and goals come true

Find an attorney who will not be pushed around

During your divorce, many people will try to push you around. They will push you into making decisions before you are ready or before you have enough information. Don’t let one of those people be your attorney!

Become empowered instead of victimized

If an attorney continually rides to the rescue, if a divorce attorney imposes her will on her clients to “save” them, if she pushes her clients into making decisions “for their own good,” that divorce attorney makes her clients into victims.  
You aren't just anybody, so why do you think ANY attorney would be right for you?
We made this free guide to give people the knowledge to choose an attorney. For many people, divorce is the first and only time they will hire an attorney. That leaves a huge gap in the ability to choose the right divorce attorney. 

And most attorneys don't make the decision any easy. The only advertisement you are likely to see is "we'll fight for you" or "we care." Well, duh! Isn't that the BASIC job of an attorney?

What else do you need to look for? Find out in our FREE guide.
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Don't hire your divorce attorney without reading this guide!
Divorce attorneys DON'T want you to have this free guide. Some think you are better off not knowing the difference between one or the other attorney. This guide stops that and will give you the ability to hold your attorney to a higher standard. 
  • Learn to recognize when your attorney is placing you in the driver seat and when he is just taking you for a ride.
  • You should be concerned if your attorney has difficulty explaining WHY they are taking action.
  • You should be concerned if your attorney has a plan for your case before talking to you about your goals, dreams, and desires.
Choose the Right Divorce Attorney
Top Notch Full Service Law Firm! The staff are friendly, the lawyers are honest and they always remembered my name. A friend of mine recommended I come to Pacific Northwest Family Law for my matter. Thank God I did. The guidance I received and the peace of mind I have at night knowing they've got my back is PRICELESS! Thanks Guys! I appreciate you all!
Michael S.
I came to Pacific Northwest Family Law because a friend referred me to come here. I had a bad experience with my previous attorney so I was hesitant to hire a new attorney. I came to PNWFL because the father of my son would not return my son.I was assigned to Zach as my attorney and Linda as my paralegal. At the first meeting with Zach and Linda I felt that i was in good hands. They were able to get my son back in my care as well as hold the other party in contempt and award attorney fees. I am grateful for the help of Zach, Linda, and Zulema.
Maria M.
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